Aluminium Slat Fencing Newcastle

Beautiful And Secure Aluminium Fencing in Newcastle 

It matters little whether you are erecting a new boundary fence or finally replacing that old asbestos post and panel barrier. You can be confronted with a myriad of options. These range from diamond mesh to reinforced concrete, yet none have the aesthetic and fiscal appeal gained from genuine aluminium fencing in Newcastle. 

What Makes Aluminium Fencing So Great?

Good question. So here are the most pertinent answers that will quickly convince you that aluminium fencing is the best option for residential and commercial properties in the Lake Macquarie and Central Coast region.

  • Aluminium is a common metal with the added advantage of being infinitely recyclable into new aluminium products. Therefore, aluminium fencing is an environmentally responsible option. 
  • Aluminium is durable yet light in weight. The advantage of this is that an aluminium fence requires less structural support to remain upright under its own weight. The strength of aluminium is sufficient for most applications but should probably be alloyed if assault protection is required. Otherwise, kids and dogs are no problem. 
  • Aluminium is easy to work with and well within the ambit of the home handyman. Repairs are easy to undertake, and good designs rarely require complete removal of the whole fence, only affected sections. 
  • Aluminium does not rust, even in coastal regions. It does oxidise, but this process forms a thin layer on the surface, which acts as a barrier to prevent deeper “rusting” and disintegration.
  • Aluminium acts as an effective fire barrier during typical house fires. It may prevent fires from crossing boundaries and so protect adjacent properties from this devastating hazard that can potentially run so quickly through a neighbourhood. 

    Choose Our Aluminium Fencing For The Central Coast

    The benefit of aluminium fencing is evident, but you must still select the best contractor. We have the advantage that we do both the manufacturing of the fence components and its erection at your premises. This method allows us to get the components right before we start work and also means that we can quickly respond to unforeseen adjustments that might be necessary. In addition, our louvre, solid and slat aluminium fencing provide the following advantages:

    • Our fences conform to a multitude of standards, but the most important is that our aluminium pool fencing conforms to AS1926.1-2012. You can confidently have our fences and gates installed and know that they will pass that particular section of the pool inspection with positive comments and be a secure barrier. 
    • There are several options regarding the surface colouring and coating of aluminium fencing, including powder coating, anodising, or painting with a special primer and then regular paint. Or you can leave the aluminium uncoated and polish it to a shine every weekend. All these options allow you to coordinate the colour of the fence with the rest of the property and house. 
    • Aluminium slat fencing also creates privacy, without being a solid barrier. The benefit is that the aluminium is long-lasting and doesn’t degrade like other materials often used for this type of fencing, such as bamboo and wood. It is also strong enough to carry the weight of a climbing rose indefinitely.
    • We can manufacture any design of your preferred fencing using aluminium, including panels for maximum privacy or thin slats to prevent unauthorised entry. Aluminium allows us to create the best looking fence because fixed-size components do not limit us. 

        About Aluminium Gates & Fencing

        We have been in the fencing and aluminium business for over 40 years and have built a solid reputation in Lake Macquarie and the Greater Newcastle Area. We provide a complete service that includes the manufacturing, erection, and repair of aluminium fences for residential and commercial applications. Contact us today for a free quote on new aluminium slat fencing. 

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