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We Design and Install Aluminium Gates Around Newcastle

Security gates are critical for residential and commercial properties. This is because they give you greater control over who has access to your property, in turn protecting you from break-ins, prying eyes, and unwanted visitors.

Aluminium gates are quickly becoming a popular choice for many local homes due to their practicality, durability, and cost-effectiveness. If you’re unsure where to look or how to start installing aluminium gates and look no further than Aluminium Gates & Fencing.

At Aluminium Gates & Fencing we manufacture and provide installation services for the following:

  • Aluminium Driveway Gates
  • Aluminium Sliding Gates
  • Aluminium Side Gates

Why Choose Aluminium Gates for Your Central Coast Property

Our aluminium driveway gates and side gates are available in multiple styles, sizes, and levels of strength. We can install gates on hinges to swing in and out or slide horizontally, among other options. While you can use alternative materials for your gates and fencing, nothing compares to the benefits of aluminium gates.

  • Durable & Resilient: Aluminium gates require virtually no maintenance. This is thanks to aluminium oxide on the surface protecting them and making them highly corrosion-resistant, meaning they are easy to clean and require no additional paintwork.
  • Easy Installation: Aluminium is naturally lightweight and easy for us to install. Consequently, the posts and framework that support the gate don’t require extensive engineering, translating to a more efficient, cost-effective solution. Additionally, since aluminium is more flexible, it’s easier to create intricate shapes and bespoke designs.
  • Variety of Colours & Styles: We can install gates in various aluminium styles, colours, and finishes. With our aluminium louvre gates, you can dictate the colour or select from our available range, including bronze, brown, and black. Elements such as decorative caps, spear tips, and other creative aspects are also available in aluminium.
aluminum gates
aluminum gates

Tips Regarding Motorised Gates

Automatic fences are ideal for a wide range of residential and commercial properties. However, it is important to consider a number of points when installing automatic gates.

  • Hire a Professional: Most motorised gate systems require a steady power supply, so hiring a professional to perform this work is advisable. Bear in mind that this power supply will be responsible for your intercom and gate lighting alongside the opening and closing of the gate.
  • Consider your property’s needs: The type of entrance you have to the property will determine whether you need a sliding or swinging gate. For example, if your driveway slopes upward, a horizontal sliding gate would be preferable as it takes less space and offers you more access to the entrance from all angles. Our team is happy to work with you to determine the ideal gate for your property.
  • Determine Your Priorities: It is essential when considering an automatic aluminium sliding gate for your property that you choose one that fulfils your personal requirements. For example, if security is your number one priority, opt for a solid gate. Conversely, if you are seeking a contemporary option to match your existing exterior, you may opt for one of our many stylish designs.

Why Trust Aluminium Gates & Fencing

We’ve been in the industry for 40 years and have developed a reputation for delivering high-quality gate and fencing solutions across Newcastle. Even though we’re a family operation, there isn’t a project we haven’t been able to handle. Whether you have a commercial or residential project, our team is more than capable of delivering a solution.

Contact us to discuss your property’s gates and fencing requirements. 

aluminum gates
aluminum gates

Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & Central Coast

Our designs are custom manufactured, fully welded for strength, and only use the best fittings and accessories. So if you’re based in Newcastle or the Central Coast, and you’re looking for a stylish and reliable aluminium gate, look no further than the team at Aluminium Gates & Fencing.

Discover why we’re among the top Newcastle and Central Coast balustrade and fencing firms, and contact us today to obtain an obligation-free quote!

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